So I recorded a new song finally.

So I recorded a new song finally.

So sometimes I like to record covers of songs I like. I don’t really know how I started doing it. I think I just started doing little harmonizing recordings and one day decided it would be cool to put them where people could hear them instead of just leaving them knocking around my hard drive. 

I, even now, sort of feel like even having a Soundcloud channel is kinda vain, but I guess it’s more or less just a big public music folder that happens to have a play count. 

So anyway, you should come listen. But be kind. I do realize that some of it sounds like crap, the timing is weird, I’m off here and there, but… ehh. There comes a point sometimes where if I don’t just do something I won’t do it at all. So it’s like it either gets posted flaws and all or I don’t do it at all. Haha I feel like that doesn’t make sense.

Basically… you should make stuff even if parts of it aren’t the best. yay. 

Blogging is hard. Sorry I haven’t done anything on here. Sorry I’m not sorry.

And speaking of making stuff (that is hopefully the best)…

I’ve decided I’m making my wedding dress. I’m freaking out about it sort of. I use the term “freaking out” very loosely. But right now I’m just kind of feeling lost when I used to feel like I knew exactly what I wanted.

I basically decided to build my own out of necessity, one, because nobody who makes wedding dresses seems to understand what I want out of a wedding dress and two, those who (sort of) do begin to understand want a tonload of money that I’d rather put into our roadtrip honeymoon or future married life or like… next week’s groceries even. 

Also, maybe it’s just me, but there’s nothing sexy about a dress that doesn’t move. That’s like a massive white dirigible of boning and stays and crunchy taffeta and tulle upon tulle upon tulle. It just feels like prom, and if there’s a place I DON’T want to mentally revisit on my wedding day… it’s prom. I want a dress that moves and surprisingly, those are really hard to find. 

You know what else is really hard to find though? Good fabric. Don’t even get me started.

For a while, I was on the verge of just buying a white bridesmaid’s dress. But, I’ve taken the plunge. As freaked out as I am, deep down I feel like I’m going to be okay in terms of finishing an alright product. If I can just find the right fabric, I think it’ll come together okay. It might mean taking a trip to Boston (who knows when) to try and find the good stuff, but if that’s the way it has to be……….. that’s the way it has to be.

So I guess that’s what’s up right now. Also, and I feel like this is kinda relevant for this post, check out The Cult of Done. It rings true to me. Maybe not to you, but anyway, you should know about it.

❤ Amanda

2 thoughts on “So I recorded a new song finally.

  1. Love the song! I’m glad you shared it. I am so excited that you’re going to make your own wedding dress. Can’t wait to see it! 🙂 It’s going to be beautiful and so are you! (PS – Thanks for including that link at the end. Interesting stuff for me to think about.)

  2. Amanda, I miss you. I am so impressed with your sharing of your beautiful voice. It was wonderful to hear you again.
    Making your own wedding dress will be a grand adventure.
    Wish I could drive with you to Boston.
    I have been then but never shopped there.
    Enjoy each and every moment of every day.
    Love you

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