So I recorded a new song finally.

So I recorded a new song finally.

So sometimes I like to record covers of songs I like. I don’t really know how I started doing it. I think I just started doing little harmonizing recordings and one day decided it would be cool to put them where people could hear them instead of just leaving them knocking around my hard drive. 

I, even now, sort of feel like even having a Soundcloud channel is kinda vain, but I guess it’s more or less just a big public music folder that happens to have a play count. 

So anyway, you should come listen. But be kind. I do realize that some of it sounds like crap, the timing is weird, I’m off here and there, but… ehh. There comes a point sometimes where if I don’t just do something I won’t do it at all. So it’s like it either gets posted flaws and all or I don’t do it at all. Haha I feel like that doesn’t make sense.

Basically… you should make stuff even if parts of it aren’t the best. yay. 

Blogging is hard. Sorry I haven’t done anything on here. Sorry I’m not sorry.

And speaking of making stuff (that is hopefully the best)…

I’ve decided I’m making my wedding dress. I’m freaking out about it sort of. I use the term “freaking out” very loosely. But right now I’m just kind of feeling lost when I used to feel like I knew exactly what I wanted.

I basically decided to build my own out of necessity, one, because nobody who makes wedding dresses seems to understand what I want out of a wedding dress and two, those who (sort of) do begin to understand want a tonload of money that I’d rather put into our roadtrip honeymoon or future married life or like… next week’s groceries even. 

Also, maybe it’s just me, but there’s nothing sexy about a dress that doesn’t move. That’s like a massive white dirigible of boning and stays and crunchy taffeta and tulle upon tulle upon tulle. It just feels like prom, and if there’s a place I DON’T want to mentally revisit on my wedding day… it’s prom. I want a dress that moves and surprisingly, those are really hard to find. 

You know what else is really hard to find though? Good fabric. Don’t even get me started.

For a while, I was on the verge of just buying a white bridesmaid’s dress. But, I’ve taken the plunge. As freaked out as I am, deep down I feel like I’m going to be okay in terms of finishing an alright product. If I can just find the right fabric, I think it’ll come together okay. It might mean taking a trip to Boston (who knows when) to try and find the good stuff, but if that’s the way it has to be……….. that’s the way it has to be.

So I guess that’s what’s up right now. Also, and I feel like this is kinda relevant for this post, check out The Cult of Done. It rings true to me. Maybe not to you, but anyway, you should know about it.

❤ Amanda

Oh my goodness

You guys aren’t even going to believe this.

I hardly believe it myself.

Seriously, could this year get any better?




(That was me freaking out in the car after it happened.)

I mean, we’ve been talking about it forever, and after Christmas break, I really wasn’t expecting it to happen any time soon, since Tyler has to keep going back and forth to Canada every few months for his insurance. So I was TOTALLY thrown off the scent.

So let me set the scene for you:

Picture it: Sicily, 1942.

It’s Sunday morning and Tyler suggests we go driving around Bangor listening to music like we used to at Southern. It sounds like a good idea to me, and doesn’t really strike me as unusual since we’ve been talking about doing that for ages. So I say okay and we head out.

As we’re leaving Tyler’s apartment, I notice him bringing some of the leftover goodies from the previous night’s Hanny’s run. I’m like “What do we need pickles and bread for?” He gets all defensive and says “You might get hungry!”

It’s true. I might. They WERE really good pickles.

Our drive takes us way out of Old Town. Unlike Southern, there aren’t as many occasions to take a different road here. But the music is good and the farms look pretty, so we drive all the way up to Milo before turning around to head back down the opposite bank of the river.

But then, rather conveniently in hindsight, the call of the nature reached Tyler’s ear. And so the hunt for a pee spot began. We finally found a place to pull over and Tyler dashed into the woods. When he returned, I decided since we were already stopped we might as well break into the pickles and bread. So Tyler laughs at me and we eat a little bit.

Then, during a lull in the eating, Tyler hands me the tiniest box ever and says “I got you something.” It looks way more like a tiny Christmas present than an engagement ring box, so I assume that he must have bought me something in Canada when he was there last and forgot to give it to me until now.

But it was a ring. Exactly the kind of ring I wanted. I couldn’t even believe it. Shocked beyond all reason. I had always imagined I would cry a bunch when I was proposed to, but I definitely didn’t feel like crying at all. I was just way too happy for even happy crying.

Anyway, it was a really perfect day. It’s been two weeks since it’s happened, but even now I still can’t believe I’m actually engaged. I can finally talk about my secret wedding Pinterest board and cool baby names without feeling like a total loser.

And no, we don’t have a date set yet. But when we do, you’ll be the first to know :}



pictures or it didn’t happen


It’s happening!

Finally got around to taking a few pictures of my place. Not the most amazing, but they give you the general idea. I kind of avoided the more messy areas, but maybe someday when they’re a bit more pristine, I’ll take some more pictures.






I got kinda lazy putting up posters. I don’t think there’s a straight one in the bunch. Life’s too short, I say.

Someday I’ll show you my craft shelves in the bedroom. Right now, the whole area is pretty much a disaster. I love making the living room tidy and the way I want it, but I got no love for my bedroom.

Anyway, I am just a big fan of my couch and having places for people to sit when they come visit me. I’m pretty excited to have money for curtain material and those recycled glass tumblers I saw at Christmas Tree Shoppes (I hate that place, but man, do they sell cheap spices).

Work is insane. But it’s work, so that’s good.

Hope everyone had a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed Monday.

❤ amanda

I found a couch!

For 6 dollars!

It’s kind of hideous, but I love it, and it fits and things are finally coming together. In my apartment AND in my life.

Tyler and I decided to go thrifting with no particular purpose in mind and there it was in the Goodwill vestibule in all it’s mustard glory. Just waiting for me. Practically with my name on it.

Mum is proud.

Pictures are coming soon. I know I keep saying that, but they are.

Now if I can just get comfortable with taking phone calls at work, life will be good. Ugh though. I just can’t not take things seriously. I can’t just realize that it’s no big deal and that everything will be fine, but I really kind of hate the phone and I’m afraid I’ll be inadvertently rude or accidentally lie or accidentally violate HIPA A or  something. Sometimes it’s hard for one to realize that one is not a total idiot and that anyone can do a good job of answering phones, even one.

It’s been a good weekend. Hope yours has been good as well.

❤ Amanda

1 week down

One week in. And what a crazy week.

Things I’ve learned so far:

I can send a mean fax (or a nice fax, or even a chaotic neutral fax as the occasion calls for it). I’ve learned about a billion different other medical records related things that I won’t bore you with here. I only hope I can retain them all.

My tap water tastes kinda like the mill next door. Time to save up for a Brita filter.

My kitchen trash stays pretty empty when I’m not there to make trash.

Washing dishes isn’t so bad. It’s certainly not the most fun thing, but when there’s only a few to do it’s kinda bearable. Dare I say relaxing? I daren’t.

Lentils + brown rice + mushroom soup = budget comfort food.

Not having internet is hard.

Don’t leave home without the Mitts Romney.

I miss going out to eat. I’m sure I’ll get over that soon.

I really can’t wait for payday. I need to plan it all out in advance so I don’t go crazy and buy a ton of things I don’t really need all at once.

Had to buy gas on Mum’s card… purchase #2 with not-my-money. Sorry mum :/ It’s good to be fueled up though!

Still haven’t gotten around to taking pictures of my place yet. It’s all tidied up, so maybe I can get some tomorrow. Can’t believe the weekend’s already half over >_< It’s been a nice weekend so far though, visiting with friends and getting to know new friends and enjoying this unseasonably warm weather.

Hope everyone’s having a fantastic weekend!

❤ Amanda

it’s a very new year.

So I have FINALLY moved into my very own apartment. I am living on my own. For the first time. It is amazing and I love it.

If I keep thinking about it as living in a dorm, it helps me to keep from losing my nerve.

But it’s awesome to finally allow myself to put up art without feeling like I’m getting too comfortable. I’ve wanted so badly to be comfortable where I am and now I think I’ve found the place.

Right now, I’m living on the mega-cheap, but I think I’m gonna do a good job of surviving. The only thing I’ve had to (“had” is a relative term in this instance, I’m afraid) buy with my mom’s credit card so far is a straightener, so I’m pretty proud of that.

(It was either the straightener or the 30 dollars in gas to drive home and retrieve my broken down flatiron. In the long run, buying a new one was cheaper.)

(Hey, why am I trying to justify my silly purchases to you anyway?)

New straightener: $16. Not having to worry about funky hair on the first day of work: priceless.

Hopefully no other huge expense materializes out of the ether between now and payday.

Which brings me to another exciting tidbit of news! I started a new job! Well for a while anyway, it’s sort of a long-term temporary situation at the moment. There’s soooo much to learn and remember and process… I’m kind of freaking out actually. But that’s my way I guess. Freaking out I mean.

Plus this is only my second day. I just have to keep reminding myself of this.

Hopefully I’m not still reminding myself of this in a month. Shut up, brain.

I really want to put up some pictures of my place, but I sort of want to wait until I’ve got more going on in here. I’m going to try to do it this weekend, more going on in here or no. I’m a little short on comfortable seating at the moment. So if anyone finds themselves in possession of a tiny couch (or lampshades or curtains or a really cool rug or a big collection of those plastic magnetic letters or a high-functioning iron) they no longer want, you can drop it off at my doorstep.

Well, here goes day two!


A brief introductory update

So I’ve quit Facebook and switched to blogging.

Sorry for not telling anyone. To be fair though, this is my first blog entry, so you haven’t missed anything if this is the first thing you’re reading.

If you’re still interested in my life updates, this should hopefully be where they are. Also feel free to email me, as I hope to become magically better at checking my email from here on out. Also emailing will hopefully provide a more meaningful back and forth than wall posts or whatever.

Okay! Now everyone’s up to speed! Awesome.